Q. What materials are used to create the signs?

A. We are one of the only companies that use cast acrylic, not extruded acrylic, which comes with galvanized screws on the back (so the sign won’t rust). We drill this into your brick and apply silicone in the holes and on the sign for a snug fit.
The sign does not sit flush against the wall; it sits 1/4-inch off your home’s exterior to achieve a “floating look.” This style and look allows water to flow behind the sign when it rains or when snow melts. We are one of the only companies to drill into walls while others flush-mount the sign on stucco or brick, which does not last. Our signs are a 1/4″ thick while our competitors’ signs are 3/16” thin. The sign is under a 30-year warranty only on manufacturer defects.

Q. What is the difference between Cast Acrylic and Extruded Acrylic?

A. That’s a big question and the answer can get technical. The obvious difference is that each is manufactured according to different processes. We use cast acrylic because its smooth glass finish is more resistant to chemicals and harsh weather. Also, the colour doesn’t change or fade due to heat and sun exposure. Cast acrylic does cost more but the quality and longevity of the product will pay for itself.

Q. How does Numbers By Design stand apart from its competitors?

A. When shopping around, compare apples to apples. We are one of the only companies that use cast acrylic, not extruded acrylic. Our standard thickness is 1/4” because for an exterior sign you do not want to go any thinner due to the harsh weather and four seasons that we face in North America. Further, we drill into all our surfaces and use stand-offs to provide an off-the-wall look for esthetics and most importantly longevity. Our competitors use 3 m tape and adhesive and use the flush-mount technique, which over time, with moisture, will detach itself from the wall if not applied properly. Our motto is we do it once and we do it right.

Q. Does your sign come with a DIY kit?

A. Yes. You can select the template, silicone and drill kit at an additional cost and our signs come with threaded bolts and instructions. Please see our slide show for additional installation tips.

Q. What size do you recommend?

A. For double-car garages or greater we recommend 8 inches as a standard height. For single-car garages we suggest 7 inches in height and for canopies above the door we suggest 6 – 7 inches in height. We do offer 9, 10 and 11 inches in height, however keep in mind that this is your home address sign and you want it to complement your curb appeal, not overpower it.

Q. I only have 60 inches in width but want an 8-inch sign. Can this work?

A. No, the height dictates the width. The higher you go the wider the sign gets. Your sign gets inputted into our system and it proportionately spaces the lettering.

Q. What fonts do you recommend and on what surfaces?

A. We recommend the Birds of Paradise for the contemporary-styled home and the Edwardian script for those who like a suave look. The Commercial script is a bold weight of a moderately flourished classic look that will appeal to any style of home. Lastly, our Snell Roundhand script is our most casual script.

Q. I have a stucco surface — what do you suggest?

A. Any of the fonts work on stucco but we suggest the Edwardian or Birds of Paradise scripts.

Q. I have dark bricks — what font do you recommend?

A. We suggest going with the Birds of Paradise, Commercial or Snell scripts.

Q. I have dark red bricks — should I go with a white gloss?

A. If you have white accents such as white pillars and white doors then sure, you can pick white, as it will stand out. However, if you want to stick with black then we suggest the Commercial, Snell or the Birds of Paradise scripts.