Custom Address Sign

Our custom home address signs are well designed, elegant and attractive in appearance and look equally good on any style home whether its an Art Deco, Contemporary, or Victorian style. They also look great on cottages and Muskoka style homes. The signs are CNC machined from 1/4 inch black gloss Cast Acrylic as it has a glass smooth finish and is more resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. Our signs come standard with quarter inch stand-offs with threaded bolts for an off the wall floating look. We drill into your surface, air out the holes and apply silicone within the holes. You have a choice of ordering either 6 inch, 7 inch or 8 inch in height signs. We recommend using 6 inch signs for above your door and in smaller spaces. 7 inch signs are recommended for a single car garage and the 8 inch height is standard for double car garages or greater. You do not want your custom address sign to over-power the look of your home rather it is meant to compliment it. If you require 9 inch in height signs or greater please contact us.

Once you have decided on a font and selected the desired height and reviewed our online proof you are responsible to ensure that it will fit. if your sign is going between lights above the garage or on your balcony front it is recommended that you allow for 2-4 inches or greater of clearance or buffer on either end for aesthetics. Once you have confirmed your order your custom address sign will be completed and shipped within 7 business days. If you require installation we will send you an email to schedule an appointment and all our installations are weather permitting. All of our signs are manufactured at our warehouse as we do not use suppliers.

Our competitors will offer 3-5 weeks to complete your sign not including installation. Our competitors do not drill into your surface they use the flush mount method which 3M tape and silicon is applied to the back of the sign and is installed straight to the surface. Eventually overtime it may detach itself from the surface as moisture may get trapped between the sign and the surface. Our signs are 1/4 inch thick where our competitors is 3/16″ thin. Our signs are Cast acrylic where as our competitors use extruded acrylic which the main difference is quality and longevity. Our service, quality, professionalism and attention to detail can not be compared to our competitors. We also offer a 30 year warranty on all our signs on manufacturer defect only.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how the product is made, how it is installed, or the height and length of the sign please call 647-640-7446 or email us at Also visit us on facebook at numbersbydesign.