Q. What materials are used to create the signs?

A. We are one of the only companies that use cast acrylic, not extruded acrylic, which comes with galvanized screws on the back (so the sign won’t rust). We drill this into your brick and apply silicone in the holes and on the sign for a snug fit.
The sign does not sit flush against the wall; it sits 1/4-inch off your home’s exterior to achieve a “floating look.” This style and look allows water to flow behind the sign when it rains or when snow melts. We are one of the only companies to drill into walls while others flush-mount the sign on stucco or brick, which does not last. Our signs are a 1/4″ thick while our competitors’ signs are 3/16” thin. The sign is under a 30-year warranty only on manufacturer defects.

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